Tunnel of Light Norwich - Mark Ewels Photography

Tunnel of Light, Norwich - Model Photoshoot with Jody Sturman

What an amazing and unique experience Norwich's Tunnel of Light is (just outside The Forum for those yet to visit)... 45m long, 4m high and 6m wide it transports you into a wonderland like to other. There are over 50,000 pulsating LED beams of light creating a spectacular display of mesmerising colours and patterns of the Northern Lights.

So when Jody (rising star of the modelling world) suggested that we team up on Monday evening for a photoshoot under the multi-coloured lights of the tunnel I was more than delighted.

What the resulting photos don't show is just how bitterly cold the evening was with Jody having to wrap up in her big coat between shots. Photography wise it certainly was challenging with the darkness of the night suddenly being overcome by the all those 50,000 LED blasting light of various colours and intensities for just a few seconds before dying back again to darkness. Then there were the crowds of course... so I tried my best to compose shots in a way that minimised the good folks of Norwich impacting on the images.

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