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Top 5 Things That Can Ruin Your Wedding Photos

Seeing your wedding photo gallery link pop up in your inbox is such a great feeling. It’s wonderful to look through your photos and re-live your special moments. While talented photographers can definitely work their magic, there are some things that make their job harder. Without realising it, you could potentially set your amazing photographer up to not be able to capture your day fully as you imagined it. Here are five things that you might not have thought about that may ruin your wedding photos.

Guests (or the Wedding Planner) Standing in the Background at Key Moments

Elms Barn

Guests or (as in this photo) a wedding planner standing in the background as the bride walks down the aisle is a certain way to ruin a photo during a key moment. Most experienced wedding planners will know this but guests perhaps not (particular if they arrive late and stand at the back of the venue or church).

The same applies to the moment when you and your partner kiss for the first time as a married couple, which should just be a picture of the two of you. Make sure the person presiding over your vows knows to smoothly step out of the way after announcing that you may now kiss. The very lovely registrars will know this but it's not always the case with other officiants. 

Bride & Groom Getting Ready Clutter

Untitled photo

A skilled wedding photographer should be able to minimise room clutter (such as left over food, underwear, bottles, bags etc) by 'framing out' and blurring the backroom of your images. However... it really is very helpful to the photographer to work in a clutter free environment (whether that be a room at the venue, hotel room or at your home) so clearing up the clutter is always the best way if at all possible.

This also applies to getting the best photos of the wedding dress as a room full of clutter is hardly going to help your photographer to achieve the perfect dress shot. 

Mobile phones & iPads

Wood Farm Barn Benacre

Always an interesting subject but wedding photos can easily be ruined by shots of the bride and groom walking down the aisle to a sea of camera phones and iPads being held up. Whether you ask your guests not to do it or not, perhaps advise them that they have a cut off point. They can then take photos up to a certain time, then they can put their phones away and enjoy the rest of the day.

Have you considered an unplugged wedding ceremony?  Your hard earned money is paying your wedding photographers fee so you might like to consider asking your guests to leave their cameras alone and enjoy the experience first-hand rather than through a mobile phone. Have an unplugged wedding and when you look back you will see photos of your guests faces and their emotions rather than their mobile phones being held up. 

Hiring Your Cousin to Take Your Photos

Untitled photo

Asking your sister, cousin or neighbour to take your photos because they’re free or less expensive is a big mistake. Wedding photography is a skilled craft and much more than just snapping a picture (have a little peek at my blog 20 Essential Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer which you should find helpful).

Spend time researching and finding a wedding photographer that fits your style. Like most things in life you generally get what you pay for and your wedding photos are to treasure for a lifetime.

Not Hiring a Professional Make-up Artist

Untitled photo

I know very little about make-up but I have seen highly skilled make-up artists on wedding days in action. What I do know is that SPF foundations tend to cause a white cast in flash photos because the SPF reflects light.

The flash from a camera will be reflected back and it's highly likely that the brides face (and of course this applies to all those wearing make-up) will look lighter than her body. Professional wedding make-up artists will know the right products to use, so you take a big risk using someone without sufficient skills for your make-up.. 

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