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Norfolk Mead Hotel Wedding - How I shot this image ...

Now and again I like to draw a little bit of creative inspiration from Google Images of the various venues that I tell wedding day stories at across Norfolk & Suffolk.

So in the lead up to Alisha & Jake's special day at The Norfolk Mead Hotel at Coltishall, I came across this image (credit and big thank you: Rosa Furneauxwith the pattern of light created on the landing ceiling by the pendant really appealing to me...

Arriving at the hotel on the morning of the wedding (full of beans and raring to go) I asked the receptionist whereabouts the light in the Google photo was, before taking shots directly underneath it from the stairway below.

Lens choice was a 105mm lens at f1.4 and I decided to warm up the image a little in camera by adjusting my 'white balance'. This is one of the resultant images...

The next part of my vision was to create a silhouette image of Alisha & Jake later in the day, that would be roughly proportional so that it would fit inside the centre of the light pendant image.

Originally I had thought that a blue background might work well by adding some contrast to the warm colour of the ceiling light. With this in mind, I placed an off camera flash on a lightstand aimed at a plain wall (in room where the wedding guests had been seated for their meal) with a blue gel on it.

I then experimented with different focal lengths to try and get the proportions of a silhouetted Alisha & Jake just right to fit inside the centre part of the ceiling light image. An example of one of the images taken is below...

I must confess to trying a 'double exposure' in camera (with my Nikon D850 it's possible to overlay one image on top of another) by laying the silhouette image over the light pendant image.

However with a little a touch of help from my graphic designer son Adam, Photoshop came to the rescue.

As you can see, the background to the silhouette has been changed to be more harmonious with the rest of the final image.

I appreciate that this image may not be to everyone's liking, as it's far removed from 'classic' wedding photography (whatever that is) but perhaps as it moves more towards art, it may end up on Alisha & Jake's lounge wall as a talking point.... I really hope so. 

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