Jilly & Ollie's Glebe Farm Wedding

Earlier in the year, I met up with Jilly & Ollie for their pre-wedding photoshoot at Wymondham Abbey to  look around Winfarthing Church (where they were to marry) and their reception venue Glebe Farm Barn.

Glebe Farm Barn is a relatively new wedding venue (not too far from Wymondham), so on the day of their wedding it was interesting for me to see how the old barn had been transformed by Jilly & Ollie – basically the bride & groom hire just the barn and then have a few days to give it a make over.

Wowza, what a transformation... such attention to detail (would have liked an hour or so just to capture all detail shots). There was lots of signage, family photos, beautiful flowers and fairy lights strung across the rafters bringing a warm glow to the lighting – the barn looked truly magnificent.

I really enjoyed the day, from the bridal prep around mum's new house (lovely to meet mum Jean and all the bridesmaids; big thanks for the crumpets Jean), the splendid church wedding (officiated by family friend reverend 'George') and last but not least the barn reception at Glebe Farm (their wedding photographer even had a little tear role down his face during Jilly's emotional packed speech). What a truly wonderful day for Jilly, Ollie, their families and friends. 

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