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Ali & Vince's Benacre Barn Wedding

You know how sometimes you just naturally warm to some people when you first meet them? Well meeting Ali and Vince for the first time was like that....a little quirky perhaps (Vince showing me the feeding habits of Archie the chameleon) but you could sense the love between them and the excitement with which they were both looking forward to their special day at Benacre Barn. So I quickly warmed to Ali and Vince as they came across as such lovely people.

Then there was the 'engagement shoot' ...well let me tell you there are pre-wedding/engagement shoots and then there are pre-wedding/engagement shoots….. How would you like your engagement shoot to be? Romantic, stylish, fun or maybe a little mad? Well Ali and Vince’s engagement shoot at their beautiful home was some of all of those things…but mainly mad!

I’ve never before taken a shot of the ‘groom to be’ kissing a chameleon and as for the photo frame shots (I know it was my idea Vince) I’ve not laughed so much for ages. It was very difficult at one stage to hold my camera steady as I was just cracking up at every minute of Ali and Vince’s wonderful gurning madness.

Hopefully I did manage to catch a little of the romantic magic and love between the happy couple in some of my images. I know that it was particularly important to Vince to have photos taken at the spot where he proposed to the lovely Ali a year ago alongside his favourite rose bush so hopefully some of that magic is recreated in my photos. Oh and thank you guys for the supper...the paella was delicious. 

Ali and Vince's wedding was always going to be an emotional affair....I came to that conclusion when Vince and I made a  visit to the rustic Wood Farm Barn at Benacre a few weeks prior to the big day.

With just Vince and I standing in the centre of the old barn with Vince's iPhone playing 'The Wedding' (written and performed by Ali and Vince's jazz band 'The Aliscats'), I failed to spot the signs that Vince might be just a tad bit emotional. I suggested that on their special day he should look to the front and not face his bride until she was level with him (in the hope that I might capturer that brief moment of emotion when the groom sees his betrothed for the first time in all her splendour).

Anyway the rebuttal was instant and with Vince pacing out his future wife's steps to 'The Wedding' (whilst timing her entrance to perfection), Vince conveyed that there was to be plenty of opportunity for me to capture his emotion on his wedding day and with more than a tear in his eye the time felt right to give Vince a reassuringly big man hug. 

And so it was....a lovely romantic wedding (including a surprise gift for Ali) full of joy, love and emotion. With beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets by Constance Rose ( and the whole wedding meticulously but lovingly planned and coordinated by wedding planner Emily ( the whole day was a joy and an honour to be part of. Thank you Ali and Vince for choosing me to capture your special moments for you. I hope that my images convey the love between you and provide a lasting memory of a very special day. 

Thank you so much for your kind words Vince...

"I have just been through all the gallery shots…. I am in floods again reliving the emotions of the day! Your photos are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen, and they evoke the atmosphere and feelings of the day perfectly. Thank you so much for your passion, meticulous perfectionism and tireless dedication to making such a timeless and perfect record of the day."


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